Massive Attack spicy crab. mango. avocado. cream cheese. panko fried. liger. sweet soy 14

Flying Conquistador inside: spicy crab. apple. mango. on top: salmon. tuna. avocado 15

Grow Wings inside: spicy tuna. snap pea. mango. on top: avocado. strawberry. liger 14

DT Aftermath inside: tempura prawn. avocado. mango. on top: sweet and spicy scallop. orange. yuzu. scallions 16

Electric Feel inside: spicy tuna. avocado. peanut. scallions. cucumber. on top: red snapper. mango-strawberry-jalapeno chop. black tobiko 17

Les Halles inside: tempura shrimp. chili paste. basil. goat cheese. grilled butterfish. on top: wagyu. scallions. foie gras. wasabi kewpi. fleur de sel 20

Drago’s Breath inside: crab. tempura shrimp. grilled butterfish. on top: prawn. avocado. strawberry. liger. sriracha 16

Break Your Legs inside: tempura shrimp, avocado. cashew on top: butterfish, ginger butter. black garlic. yuzu kewpi. scallions 18

Trophic Cascade inside: tempura asparagus. spicy amberjack. on top: butterfish. salmon. honey. yuzu kewpi. sriracha. crispy leeks 18

Salad and Water inside: avocado. honey dew. apple. red pepper. on top: soft tofu. jalapeno. negi oil. crispy leeks 14

Erad Spicy inside: tempura soft-shelled crab. avocado. cashew. wasabi kewpi. on top: albacore tuna. strawberry. squid salad. liger. sriracha 17

Clockwork Orange inside: spicy crab. tempura shrimp. avocado. on top: salmon. kampachi. lemon slivers. scallions 17

The Op! inside: salmon. avocado. garlic. jalapeno. flash fried. on top: masago. crispy leeks. sweet soy. yuzu kewpi 16

Big Ol’ Bear inside: tempura crawfish. avocado. black garlic. chili paste. masago. on top: scallop. wagyu. foie gras. jalapenos. cripsy leeks. togarashi. scallion emulsion oil. seared 20

Hot Sex inside: crispy salmon skin. honeydew. goat cheese. on top: duck proscuitto. orange mirin hoisen. micro greens 18

Fish Smack inside: crispy scallop. honey. cashew. apple. on top: akami. red snapper. strawberry. sweet soy. wasabi kewpi. yuzu tobiko 18

Bigfork Bomb inside: tempura crawfish. grilled butterfish. masago. cream cheese. scallions. on top: amberjack. jalapeno. scallion emulsion oil. liger. seared 18