Massive Attack spicy crab. avocado. mango. neufchâtel. pankoed and fried. on top: liger. nitsume 14

The Fifth Bud roasted tomato. scallions. goat cheese. crispy salmon skin. on top: mackerel. nitsume. bonito flake. togarashi 16

Shoots Brah! spicy salmon. cucumber. mango. on top: arctic char. black cod. pear sofrito. honey. lemon. sea salt 16

Kinky Reggae tempura crawfish. apple. ginger. shiso. on top: avocado. liger. strawberry-jalapeno-mango chop 16

Le Grand Bleu avocado. cucumber. crab. strawberry. on top: chef’s choice fish assortment 17

Midnight in Paris tempura crab. jalapeno. roasted garlic. marinated onion paste. goat cheese. on top: wagyu. foie gras. black garlic. kewpi. scallions. fleur de sel 20

Zootown Revelry tempura asapragus. nut paste. spicy crab. roasted garlic. on top: negi oil. liger. seared scallop. minced duck proscuitto. togarashi 20

Life is Gooder assorted micro greens. marinated onion. avocado. apple. on top: seared soft tofu. fried enoki mushroom. shiso dust 13

Liquid Soul assorted zuke. crab. avocado. ginger. flash fried soy paper. on top: leche de tiger. nitsume. scallions. habenero tobiko 18

Kookin Out spicy tuna. tempura shrimp. mango. shiso. on top: ginger butter seared black cod. black garlic. tuzu tobiko 16

RedField Lane salmon. avocado. ginger. strawberry. on top: tuna. jalapeno. nikiri lacquer. assorted micro greens. togarashi 15

Operation Buster seared house pork paté. marinated onion. nut paste. nori outside. flash fried. on top: roasted tomato. aji amarillo. nitsume. crispy leek 12

The Jaguar Shark fried scallop. avocado. cucumber. wrapped in soy paper. on top: wagyu tartar. egg syrup sear. scallions. pickled daikon 20

Enter The WU tempura soft-shelled crab. avocado. grilled shishito pepper. neufchâtel. on top: spicy amberjack. pear sofrito. wasabi kewpi. fleur de sel 18

Somewhere South tempura shrimp. spicy crab. lemon. scallions. on top: mackerel. avocado. aji amarillo. crispy lotus root 17

Aroy Mak Bai tempura crawfish-soft-shelled crab-shrimp chop chop. nitsume. lemon juice. garlic. mango. nut paste. on top: negi oil seared snapper. lime chili paste. crispy keffir lime. cilantro. black tobiko 18

Bigfork Bomb tempura crawfish. grilled black cod. masago. cream cheese. scallions. on top: amberjack. jalapeno. scallion emulsion oil. liger. seared 18

All items may contain raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs. Consuming these items may increase the risk of foodborne illness.